Friday, 19 February 2016


Have you ever wondered why the same thing that you were happy and excited about, that seemed like an answered prayer, turned out to be "uninteresting" or "bad"? For example, the initial butterflies you both felt at the beginning of your relationship, and why all the sweet, rosy, lovey dovey suddenly became a tug of war? 

I made a research, and  I got the following answers;

It is because you stopped paying close attention to details to whatever you were committed to; be it your relationship, a new project etc.

It is because you allowed your focus to slip from the wonderful plans you had when you made up your mind to commit to the task.

It is because you forgot the very essence why you decided to commit to the task. 

It is because you stopped believing in your good course. 

It is because you stopped loving and trusting. 

And to remedy the situation or not even be in such a situation at all, here is what I learnt you should do:

Always remind yourself the reason you decided to commit to the task in the first place.

Never lose focus, no matter the challenge. 

Never say never.

Never lose love. Never lose trust. 

Never take your commitment for granted. 

Always pay close attention to details. 

Always expect the best not the worst.Be positive!

Remain faithful to your course!

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