Wednesday, 17 February 2016


Can we talk, ladies?

The same tall, slim, six packs guy you are killing yourself over for, today, may eventually not be your "spec" many years after. 

What do you really call "my spec"? The physical looks? Truth be told, looks have made so many people make the worst mistakes of their lives. From experience, I will tell you that looks are very deceptive; things are not always as they seem. That is why you should pray about choosing the right person. Go for quality, not quantity! Those six packs will disappear. Trust me. I guess he is working out now, going to the gym every second to keep the charming physique; that is why you are tripping and playing second fiddle? Receiving all the insults? Watching him play around with other women, while you play the "good girl" who turns a blind eye to all the nonchalant and uncaring attitudes, misbehaviours, so that he can marry you because all your mates are getting married? 

Ladies come on??? You need to start realising your worth; GOD took HIS time to form you, because HE knows your worth. Why do you want to settle for the less because "all your mates are married?"

I remember years back, my very close friend (we're still friends till date, more like sisters) told me never to accept any man because of his physical looks. Would you not best choose someone who will treat you with love and respect like the queen that you are? Instead of going after a man with all the so called tall, dark and handsome cliché, who will not have a single respect for you or your family? 

Girl friend, please be very careful and seek for GOD'S perfect will, because if you are not careful, years down the line, given the opportunity, you would wish that you could turn back the hands of time, inorder to get it right! Some mistakes can be corrected, while some have drowned a lot of people! 

Seek GODS face now; you can never go wrong with HIM. HE has the best plans for us.

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