Monday, 15 February 2016


Whenever there is a deep, heartfelt passion, you do not have to look far to find somebody who will try to kill it. Even well-intentioned people within your church can be quick to tell you why you should not move in a direction that fits your passion. 

Many prefer the comfort of isolated and non-threatening environments to the challenging opportunities of stepping into an arena where, though it may be uncomfortable, you could make a significant difference. 

What you are doing might not look satisfying to people, but as long as it is your passion and you believe in your course, remain in the line of your purpose; and do not lose focus! 

Most times, greatness is usually overlooked, because of its insignificance at that time (small beginning)! Also, be careful who you share your plans with; because your plans might look impossible to the person and all you will get is a trailer loads of discouragement instead of that one push that you need! The economy in my country is not friendly at the moment, so as long as what you are doing is not yielding obvious money, people will not regard your efforts. But they forget that you cannot stop a man with purpose! 

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