Monday, 8 February 2016


One of the great people I know said that, the greater the difference in the energy level that exists between two people, the lesser the chances that they will enjoy a healthy and compatible relationship together; and they will have so much to complain about unless they are ready to go all the way to make sacrifices, which is what marriage is all about anyway.

As much as a lot of people, including me were not even aware of this fact while considering choosing a life partner, this saying happens to be true, though a few of us got lucky. That is why they say that knowledge is power and if you are single, ensure you consider this factor very well before choosing a life partner. For example, if you are the party hard, fun and out going type, choose a partner who loves as much fun, but must not necessarily have exact same energy, because no two people has the same energy level.

As humans, we all tend to operate on certain energy levels. This energy level will influence and determine how much time we spend talking, working, being awake or asleep. Some people tend to require lots of rest and sleep and also seem to tire so easily. Other people seem capable of performing ten times the task that would tire out others. 

Our energy levels influence virtually everything we do! The closer the energy level of two people, the longer they will be able to stay together as friends and also as a couple. And there will hardly be occasions where by one partner fails to share himself or herself sufficiently with the other as a result of excuses of being too tired every single time. 

Very true that no two people possess the exact same energy levels, but far reaching differences would lead to a disturbing imbalance in the nature and duration of shared activities between the couples. This in turn would to some extent, affect the quality of the relationship that a couple enjoys.  

What's your thought on this. Please I would like you to share......

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