Thursday, 11 February 2016


Where there is no vision or clarity of purpose, there will be total confusion. Do not ignorantly go with the flow, just to see what happens. Do not live your life like that. You are special. 

Whatever you set out to do, clearly give it a definition. A lot of us were victims of not defining what we really wanted in the past. We allowed others to define for us, and you know what? The outcome isn't ever a sweet one when you allow someone else to define your purpose, trust me. 

You are the one looking for something and you know exactly what you want. So, if what is in front of you isn't what you want or does not match the "name" of what you are looking for, do not accept anything less! As long as you know what you want, you will never get confused, no matter how well an offer is packaged! 

It is a very wonderful thing, when you are living the life you'd desired to live, just because you knew what you wanted and you went all the way to achieve it- with the help of GOD! 

Stay focused! 

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