Friday, 5 February 2016


Someone once said that, being filthy rich will not automatically make anyone happy, but the process of acquiring it will bring more happiness than the wealth itself. I agree. 

To me, the main purpose of acquiring wealth in the first place, is to provide value to others. If you are living your life's purpose, if your heart is in the right place, money will never have anything to do with your levels of happiness. Too many rich people out there, yet they are very lonely, they are not happy in spite of their riches. They indulge in so many negative activities in search of happiness. But no, the truth is you can never find happiness in those places. You can only find happiness when you look within yourself to discover your true purpose aside from the riches. Only then can the two, riches and happiness synchronise. 

The point is, no amount of money will really make you happy. It is about finding your purpose. Yet, In addition, NEVER is poverty a thing to consider- it does not buy happiness either! 

Therefore, find your purpose and find happiness. 

Happy weekend friends. 

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