Thursday, 31 March 2016


Paying attention to something you do not want and cannot do anything about is not helpful! The best thing to do is to stay focused on being positive no matter the negative news trending in the world!

I remember in 2014, during the ebola outbreak, I was heavily pregnant, and you know how pregnancy hormones do not help with negative news at all!  I am a very clean person and I do not joke with my hygiene at all. But can you imagine the extra carefulness and hygiene I had to put up with because of ebola? I got so exhausted with the fear of ebola. It got to a point that if I mistakingly shook someone or touched someone or anything at all, I would not be myself the whole day until I used almost half of my disinfectant for a very thorough bath. It was so terrible! The alarming part was that every corner I went to was all about ebola news. If you were not talking about ebola or you were not up to date about ebola, you are seen as irresponsible. Everybody wanted to trend with the news. There was no single forum that ebola was not the news of the day. I got so tensed about the whole news that I almost lost my mind. 

But one day, I told myself that I was never going to pay attention  to ebola news again! I completely turned a deaf ear to the news that it never existed in my mind anymore! I started focusing on the positive- every good thing i desired, GODS sure promises of safety and protection, giving birth to a very healthy baby and so many positive vibes! I never remembered ebola again until it fizzled away! 

So I visited a friend one of the days and surprisingly she was so glued to her television (she isn't a TV person at all). I thought she was seeing a very captivating movie or something fascinating, only for me to read the headlines and it was about ebola. As she was just about feeding me with the negative news, I hushed her. I told her that I was not interested and that she should change the chanel. She said no, that I needed to know what was happening in the world. I made it clear to her that I could never give a single thought about ebola news, not that I was not concerned, but that I chose to see the bright side and focus more on seeing the end of ebola and not how many families it wiped off! What for any way? She was surprised at my response and positive mindset. From that day onwards, she never listened to ebola news again. She told me how free and well she felt after she stopped listening to ebola news.

But was I careful? Yes I was. Was I using my hand sanitizer? You bet I was (have never gone without my hand sanitizer, even before and after ebola outbreak. Still use my hand sanitizer till date). But I focused more on the positive instead of feeding myself with such bad news!

So the best thing to do whenever there is a challenge is to focus more on the positive, and you will attract more positive results! Remember, we empower what we pay attention to!

Wednesday, 30 March 2016


We all go through difficult times, but no matter how bad things seem, there is always plenty to be thankful for- so so much to be grateful to GOD for! Remember how far you have come. Remember the good "things" that life has brought to you. You can't tell me that your life has been all misery, can you? Take a moment and remember, and you will be amazed how much life has given to you. So be grateful. Be thankful! 

Remind yourself now and again how beautiful life is and then, write them down. That is one of the ways I remind myself how so kind life has treated me, in spite of whatever challenge I might have faced or am facing. 

There is a deep assurance that you feel whenever you read out your blessings! All you feel is gratitude! And a grateful heart attracts more blessings! So friend, affirm that life is already beautiful even before you have your heart desires met!

Tuesday, 29 March 2016


Are you caught up in between two options? 

For example, you got a new job offer that has some good things about it, yet have some things you do not love? While on the other hand, you have your current job which has its benefits as well, yet some things you do not love? Truth be told, the situation can be very overwhelming if you have been in such situation before or you are currently facing such situation. 

Well, I have good news for you! You do not need to be overwhelmed anymore. Here is what works(ed) for me and I thought I should share with you. All you need is to do the following: 

Write down the upsides of each option you are considering- pay attention only on the upsides and give no thought to the down sides! 

Combine the two lists together to make it one list, then hand it over to the KING OF THE UNIVERSE! 

Believe that you have whatever you are willing to allow!

Choose all the upside and never the downside and it shall be so for you. 

Focus only on the positive results and go about your business! 

Engage in whatever makes you happy and it will not be long before you start enjoying the benefits of your upside list! This can only work when you are very positive and you trust that everything will work out best for you! 

Believe in good news! And be very careful what you write down on your list, because you will be shocked to see it come through! 

It feels amazing, like a done deal whenever I write down my expectations! Try it, and see it work out! 

Monday, 28 March 2016


Sometimes, I browse through people's profile on Facebook, and I almost felt jealous a matter of fact I do. Everybody seems to look so cute, so satisfied and accomplished. And then, I go ahead to check out their info and am like, so GREEN with ENVY. Why? It is because they seem to have it all; the perfect face, job, guy/girl, statistics, words etc. 

And then, I get exhausted and I ask myself, "shouldn't I be doing something better?" Many unread books are wailing in my book shelf, I have to prepare for a professional exam, my blog is screaming SMS (save my soul), life is moving on and moving fast, I have a lot of thinking to do about the 'what' and 'how' of my plans so much to do. 

However, I still appreciate the time I spend either facebooking or browsing through people's info, photos and pages. Reason is because, it is not only a time to keep up with family, friends and foes, it is a reflective time. Everybody seems to be happy on FB, but in reality, not everyone is 'that' happy. 

I read an article sometime ago, saying that FB has the tendency of depressing many, because their friends on FB look happier than them, as such they would think they are the only ones not having it smooth. Much as I would love to disagree with that, there could be an iota of truth in it. Everybody has personal challenges however, we all know it is not written on the face. Nobody wants to put a gloomy face on FB. 

Ok, forget about FB. What about the people we judge from afar? Some of us wish we were 'that' rich friend, that devastatingly handsome dude that has all the girls swooning all over him, that girl called the paragon of beauty, that man/woman with the perfect family. Some of us would wish we were the President's son /daughter. Others wish they were the students with the 1st class degree, etc. But would you REALLY want to step into their shoes?

Do not judge a book by it's cover - very true! Do not judge people by what you see or what you presume they have. 

Two friends of mine told me about one handsome and apparently gentle looking man. An executive in a Bank (they later learnt). They were about to admire this clean guy when the unexpected happened. At first they thought the man was having a serious but decent chat with the pretty lady who was standing in front of him. The next thing they saw was an outstanding series of slap ...front hand, backhand, front hand, backhand...(The guy is huge, so try to imagine the scene)and so it continued till my friends started towards them to intervene. The guy left pretending to be an uncle, sshhh ... he was a er em em ..whatever, but their relationship fell under the category you are guessing. And the girl, (lollz) well, the other part of the story is not necessary for your consumption now. 

But what exactly is my point???? Everybody with his/her burden. People may look like they have it all and are perfect, but you know they do not and are not! You do not want to get hooked up with the most handsome man in the world only to discover he is a beast, neither would you want to be that handsome man alias the beast. You would not want to engage a girl with the perfect figure who is also decent looking, only to discover you bought yourself an 'expensive job'(NYSC slang for trouble). 

When next you judge someone, look through and through, you may prefer your state as it were. The truth is, we all put up something nice for first impression sake ; beautiful picture, appear friendly, smiling, gentle. We show our intelligence, degrees and achievements, the list goes on. If you really want to know how to be like the person you admire or maybe you are just dying to be a pal. ..or more, you should get to know their beautiful sides (yes) , then the weaknesses, struggles and experiences. If they are sincere enough to tell you both the good and the bad sides of their person, then you can fairly decide if you want to be like them or not. 

Be satisfied with being you! Keep working and praying to achieve your aim in life, not as a matter of competition, but as a matter of fulfilment. Do not try to be like another. Good envy may be healthy sometimes, one dose at a time; a dose that will wake you up from your slumber. Be happy for people and please, help yourself with a cup of peace! Always remember your best is yet to come. Keep face booking (not excessively) for the right reasons. And please, do put a nice picture on your profile page, am so not against it! Happy people inspire me! Besides, I may need to add you as a friend! Lol. Happy living Friends!

Friday, 25 March 2016


The death of our LORD JESUS marked the beginning of our victory over sin, the enemy!

So today isn't about wearing a long face and feeling sober; it is a day of thanksgiving, victory, joy, laughter. If the enemy knew that crucifying our LORD will bring his doom, he would not have gone that far. But it was predestined to be, so that you and I would be brought back to GOD'S loving arms without fear of judgement. 

Let us rejoice and be thankful for this great sacrifice that brought us victory and made us heirs to the Kingdom of GOD. 

Thursday, 24 March 2016


Focus on your tomorrow and all that you would love to become. Isn't it best that you channel your energy towards talking about your future, instead of going over your past every now and then? Some people think that they would be justified when  they keep robbing their pasts on their faces. Listen friend, there is no justification in visiting your past, only self pity and guilt. You have all that it takes to become the best that GOD created you to be! It is all inside of you. Remember, what you feel, you attract! Instead of feeling pain and guilty, feel love, joy and every good thing that you desire!

Thursday, 17 March 2016


NATURE IS THE SERVANT OF THE MIND.  When u meditate, list what u desire to have, clearly write them down, make sure its within ur sphere of availability. As u look at them, 'see' them come through. As long as ur desires are with good intent, Don't give up, you cannot Fail!

Tuesday, 15 March 2016


Someone said that a successful marriage is one that is constantly been insulated and protected from negative external influences. 

There are people who are close to you and may negatively influence your marriage if you allow them. Protect your marriage from such people, if not they may sow seeds of fear, doubt and confusion in your mind, which eventually would bring disunity, strife, distrust in your relationship with your spouse. 

The truth is, you can never tell for sure who may be secretly envious of your marriage, so it is very important that you keep issues between you and your spouse to yourself. But if you must talk about some issues (must not necessarily be negative), talk with only people who have successful marriages; people who can give you good counsel based on their own experiences in building a successful marriage. Never discuss your life with people who have more problems than you, because all they will tell you is how to be messed up like them! Be wise! 

But my own advise is that, if you are going through any challenges, take it to GOD in prayer, then go to your spiritual mentor for counselling. Protect the integrity of your marriage and watch it succeed! 

Monday, 14 March 2016


Prayer is one of the keys that help to build up your relationship. Prayer helps you focus on GOD'S plans,  purpose and direction for your relationship. 

When you pray, you are telling GOD that you cannot do it all by yourself, that HE should step in and take charge of your relationship. We all face challenges in various areas of our lives and we need divine intervention to help us triumph over the challenges. Isn't it? So putting GOD first in prayers, ensures guaranteed presence of GOD in your relationship which will always help and direct you. 

When couples face hard times, it is prayer that strengthens them through the difficult times. Prayers fights your battles- those forces that oppose marriages which you may be unaware of. 

I remember during our marriage counselling class before my husband and I got married, our senior pastor's wife said something very striking. She said that, a good marriage needs prayer. And that a good marriage could go bad without prayers. So for couples to enjoy guaranteed peace and success in their relationships, prayer is the only key! 

Remember the saying "a family that prays together, stays together! How true!

Friday, 11 March 2016


Loving yourself is the best thing you can ever do for yourself, because that is where your success begins- the starting point to all the good things to come!  It is the most important MUST HAVE. It touches every aspect of yourself. 

Self love will enable you to love and reciprocate love. When you love yourself, you will take good care of yourself. But when you do not love yourself, you can never know how to take care of yourself and can hardly give or share love. That is where selfishness comes in.

There is a big difference between self love and selfishness! Loving yourself entails an all round looking after yourself, physically, emotionally, psychologically, financially etc. Self-love is a vital tip to living the good life. Love yourself no matter what. It is when you love yourself that you will be able to see whatever shortcomings or flaws in you that you would love to correct! The worst thing that can happen to anyone is to not know your wrongs! Love yourself unconditionally to not judge yourself,but seek counsel and strive to become a better person! Love yourself enough not to dwell on your past, but keep moving forward and longing for the best at all times, because you deserve the BEST! 

The easiest way to learn how to love yourself is treating others the same way you would love them to treat you. Making happen for others what you would love them to make happen for you as well! 

No one wishes evil for oneself, or is there any? I doubt it! Fill yourself with only good thought and love for others, and see how good and love will come to you! This is simply the way it works! 

Have a great weekend dear friends!


Keep focusing on what you want; then do what feels good! 

Tuesday, 8 March 2016


Do not settle for anything less because of pressures! Because the minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than you settled for! 

Monday, 7 March 2016



When your heart is open and receptive, there is every tendency that you will make the right decision. 

You do not have to be a pain to other people, just because you have pains. When you do not have to treat other people because "you are not in the right frame of mind", then you have come to a full maturity- that does not have to be "just all about you". 

Every day is an opportunity to do right. So always learn to reach out to people, show some love; everyone needs those words of encouragement, acts of love and kindness from time to time. 

Always keep this in mind- People will forget what you said or did, but will never forget how you made then feel. 

GOD has created us for a purpose, have you discovered yours? 

Have a great week friends! 

Friday, 4 March 2016



You do not have to talk too much to buttress your points. People know you little when you say little. And the possibility of revealing your secret or someone's secret is 100 percent if you're talking too much- trying to keep the conversation going, and as such giving the impression that you are an interesting person to be with! Do not be obliged to impress people by being who you are not. Don't forget that we are "judged" by what we say! 

Most times, it is not our actions that are been judged, but our words! So say little and listen/observe more!  Happy weekend folks! 

Thursday, 3 March 2016


This is just for the person reading this- yes dear friend, you. 

I know you are overwhelmed by your present situation. I know that you are scared and your faith is wavering. I know that you feel all hope is lost and that help is never going to come. You are in the deepest part of the tunnel and very close to throwing in the towel. Please do not give up yet, help is on the way! You are about to meet your BOAZ. 

You remember the story of Ruth? How hopeless and helpless her situation was? She even had the option  to go back to her people, but she refused. She decided to hang in there with her mother in law, Naomi. Her situation was pitiful, but she didn't give up. It seemed as if help was never going to come, after all, "who's going to marry me again?" She said. But you see, the UNIVERSE is good at doing us good, even when our hearts are filled with doubts. 

It's okay to feel down and overwhelmed sometimes, but it is best never to give up in such a very difficult and terrible situation, because help is just an ounce of patience away! Only if you will hang in there dear friend. 

I have experienced help in the most difficult situation- I received a call from the least expected person, offering me a very good job back in 2011. I had to ask the person again if he really knew who he was speaking to. I needed to be double sure that "he was actually offering ME a job  (I had so waited for and was almost given up hope)"? That was an unbelievable MIRACLE! It still happens- and it is happening right now! 

Your situation is worse? Still hang in there, okay. The UNIVERSE is not giving up on you- never! Wait for your time- it is happening! You might not see it yet, but still hang in there. IT IS HAPPENING! 

Wednesday, 2 March 2016


I was going through one of my journals today, and I was shocked at the things I came across- things I wrote down. 

Back in the year 2010, I had written down the list of things I desired to have and achieve in life, including to get a very good job without writing any aptitude test and all those long protocols people go through before getting a job. After writing my long list, I wrote below "These needs have been met already and I am seeing results". 

The fact was that the long list of my heart desires seemed far fetched and unreal, like I could never have them. But when I saw the journal today and read out those "far fetched" needs I wrote down years ago, I was shocked to my bones at how fast they were met. I had even forgotten that I ever wrote such until today.

If someone had seen the list, they would probably had called me a joker or would have asked me to see a psychiatrist. The funny thing was that I did not have a job, and my situation seemed hopeless! 

So that very day, my heart was so heavy and fear gripped me. I was overwhelmed by the situation and could hardly feed myself or afford the next rent which was almost due. When my worries could not provide me any solution, I started doing what I "know" how to do best! I started writing- the list of things I desire to have and achieve! After writing them down, I ticked each need "good" as though they had already been met! Immediately,the seemingly far fetched needs became so easy and as though they had been met! I was so excited and happy. The joy I felt after writing down those heart desires and seeing them as already met, gave me so much hope and confidence. The feeling was amazing! 

From time to time, I brought out that journal and read out the list of my needs and I felt fulfilled. I changed the caption from "the list of my heart desires" to "my answered prayers" even though they were yet to be met then. But because I started seeing them as met, the Universe could not help but act fast on my behalf to make them happen!. 

This is what happens when  you treat your needs as though they have been met! You are telling your needs "see, you are no longer a need anymore, you have been met". You will be amazed at how your positive energy will bring good results for you!

Why not try writing down your needs- no matter how far fetched they seem and start seeing them as already done! 

Yes, it is possible! 

Tuesday, 1 March 2016


Often times, a lot of us had held ourselves bound in the chains of unhappiness based on how we had allowed our situations to win us because of "what will be will be"; in that if we were in a terrible situation which needed to be changed (stopped), because of the lies of what will be will be, we'd allowed the situation to win us, making us victims of circumstances! 

But NO, it should not be so! We should never allow negative situations to win us! We have the ability to recreate and change that negative situation, instead of accepting "what will be will be". That's defeat! And we were not created to be defeated, but to be victorious as heirs of the monarch of the universe! 

For this change and recreation to happen, you must first convince yourself that you need a change! You must know when to say "enough is enough"! You MUST realise that you have the GOD-GIVEN ability to recreate and change your situation, no matter how difficult it seems. 

Sometimes, if not most times, what that situation needs is to see you "ROAR AT IT" and you will notice a sudden turn of event! This is true. All that your situation needs to be defeated is to hear you SPEAK AGAINST IT by refocusing your thoughts first! 

Are you facing a hard time, may be In your family, relationship or finances, academics, life generally? This is not the time to cuddle your pillow and cry helplessly. This is the time to start recreating your life, your situation.  Start refocusing your energy towards good! Start seeing things works out for you. Start seeing acceptance! Start seeing relationships work for you. Start seeing yourself enjoying a good life. Start seeing yourself succeeding in whatever you set out to achieve. The more you see it, the more you recreate your life!

Yes I know, you may say I do not understand how tough life is with you. I do! In fact, someone just told you that you can never amount to anything. They have told you several times that you cannot enjoy a good life, ever! But these negative words can and will only work against you if you allow them! Maybe they are working against you right now because you'd allowed them for so long; but it is time to put an end to them! This is the time to put an end to those negative words. Come out of that pit of negative words, negative situations, and start seeing your light! 

All you need to recreate your life is to start refocusing your thoughts! Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself, "Nothing is wrong with me. I deserve the best life and I shall have it". 

Start enjoying a new life from now! Happy New Month Friends!