Tuesday, 29 March 2016


Are you caught up in between two options? 

For example, you got a new job offer that has some good things about it, yet have some things you do not love? While on the other hand, you have your current job which has its benefits as well, yet some things you do not love? Truth be told, the situation can be very overwhelming if you have been in such situation before or you are currently facing such situation. 

Well, I have good news for you! You do not need to be overwhelmed anymore. Here is what works(ed) for me and I thought I should share with you. All you need is to do the following: 

Write down the upsides of each option you are considering- pay attention only on the upsides and give no thought to the down sides! 

Combine the two lists together to make it one list, then hand it over to the KING OF THE UNIVERSE! 

Believe that you have whatever you are willing to allow!

Choose all the upside and never the downside and it shall be so for you. 

Focus only on the positive results and go about your business! 

Engage in whatever makes you happy and it will not be long before you start enjoying the benefits of your upside list! This can only work when you are very positive and you trust that everything will work out best for you! 

Believe in good news! And be very careful what you write down on your list, because you will be shocked to see it come through! 

It feels amazing, like a done deal whenever I write down my expectations! Try it, and see it work out! 

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