Thursday, 3 March 2016


This is just for the person reading this- yes dear friend, you. 

I know you are overwhelmed by your present situation. I know that you are scared and your faith is wavering. I know that you feel all hope is lost and that help is never going to come. You are in the deepest part of the tunnel and very close to throwing in the towel. Please do not give up yet, help is on the way! You are about to meet your BOAZ. 

You remember the story of Ruth? How hopeless and helpless her situation was? She even had the option  to go back to her people, but she refused. She decided to hang in there with her mother in law, Naomi. Her situation was pitiful, but she didn't give up. It seemed as if help was never going to come, after all, "who's going to marry me again?" She said. But you see, the UNIVERSE is good at doing us good, even when our hearts are filled with doubts. 

It's okay to feel down and overwhelmed sometimes, but it is best never to give up in such a very difficult and terrible situation, because help is just an ounce of patience away! Only if you will hang in there dear friend. 

I have experienced help in the most difficult situation- I received a call from the least expected person, offering me a very good job back in 2011. I had to ask the person again if he really knew who he was speaking to. I needed to be double sure that "he was actually offering ME a job  (I had so waited for and was almost given up hope)"? That was an unbelievable MIRACLE! It still happens- and it is happening right now! 

Your situation is worse? Still hang in there, okay. The UNIVERSE is not giving up on you- never! Wait for your time- it is happening! You might not see it yet, but still hang in there. IT IS HAPPENING! 

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