Thursday, 31 March 2016


Paying attention to something you do not want and cannot do anything about is not helpful! The best thing to do is to stay focused on being positive no matter the negative news trending in the world!

I remember in 2014, during the ebola outbreak, I was heavily pregnant, and you know how pregnancy hormones do not help with negative news at all!  I am a very clean person and I do not joke with my hygiene at all. But can you imagine the extra carefulness and hygiene I had to put up with because of ebola? I got so exhausted with the fear of ebola. It got to a point that if I mistakingly shook someone or touched someone or anything at all, I would not be myself the whole day until I used almost half of my disinfectant for a very thorough bath. It was so terrible! The alarming part was that every corner I went to was all about ebola news. If you were not talking about ebola or you were not up to date about ebola, you are seen as irresponsible. Everybody wanted to trend with the news. There was no single forum that ebola was not the news of the day. I got so tensed about the whole news that I almost lost my mind. 

But one day, I told myself that I was never going to pay attention  to ebola news again! I completely turned a deaf ear to the news that it never existed in my mind anymore! I started focusing on the positive- every good thing i desired, GODS sure promises of safety and protection, giving birth to a very healthy baby and so many positive vibes! I never remembered ebola again until it fizzled away! 

So I visited a friend one of the days and surprisingly she was so glued to her television (she isn't a TV person at all). I thought she was seeing a very captivating movie or something fascinating, only for me to read the headlines and it was about ebola. As she was just about feeding me with the negative news, I hushed her. I told her that I was not interested and that she should change the chanel. She said no, that I needed to know what was happening in the world. I made it clear to her that I could never give a single thought about ebola news, not that I was not concerned, but that I chose to see the bright side and focus more on seeing the end of ebola and not how many families it wiped off! What for any way? She was surprised at my response and positive mindset. From that day onwards, she never listened to ebola news again. She told me how free and well she felt after she stopped listening to ebola news.

But was I careful? Yes I was. Was I using my hand sanitizer? You bet I was (have never gone without my hand sanitizer, even before and after ebola outbreak. Still use my hand sanitizer till date). But I focused more on the positive instead of feeding myself with such bad news!

So the best thing to do whenever there is a challenge is to focus more on the positive, and you will attract more positive results! Remember, we empower what we pay attention to!

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