Tuesday, 31 May 2016


Be specific! What do you want to achieve in the next six to twelve months? Break it down into small, manageable pieces. Rome was not built in a day- enjoy the process! 

Monday, 30 May 2016


Here's what someone said: 

If you stopped a hundred people and asked them what they were doing to guarantee success in their future, then tracked them until they were Sixty five years, you will find that:

One will be wealthy;
Five will be financially secure; 
The remaining ninety-four will Live and die as dependents. 

Did they plan to fail, No. They just failed to plan! 

Unless you have a vision for your future, with great insights of who you really are and what you really desire for yourself, line up your priorities accordingly, set high standards for yourself, and keep your goals before you at all times- you are destined to be one of the ninety-four. 

You must set achievable goals and must work with your imagination. You cannot be who you did not imagine yourself to be! Your goals must demand growth, and you must be ready to reach them! That's why everyday creates us new opportunities to actualize our set goals! 

Remember this: unless you determine where you are going, you will either end up somewhere else or others will determine it for you! My mom will always say that the poorest man is not the one without money, but the one without goals. 

Let's thrive! 

Wednesday, 25 May 2016


Hey ladies, I've got something to share with you- and this is from well experienced people who know deeply about dating, courtship and marriage. Dating most times is the starting point to a short term relationship or a long term relationship which could eventually lead to I DO! 

But firstly, you must pay close attention to every detail and must be brutally honest with yourself no matter deep you may have fallen for that guy. 

When you know who you really are and your worth, you would never accept anything less! Most times, we ladies see the warning signs but we ignore them. The truth is, you can never give a gold ring to a pig and expect it to value it. Never! So that is why you must find out his interpersonal behaviour.  

Does he listen to you when you are talking?  Does he say to you, "you never told me that"? Do you get the sense that your thoughts and feelings are important to him? Does he treat people around him with kindness? How does he react to situations? Will he take time to be with you in times of difficulty as well as joy? Does he try to understand your frustrations and celebrations?

A lot of men do not understand why women celebrate the things they do, so you need to pay close attention to whether he can share in both your misery and your happiness. One single lady ended a relationship before it went any further when on her second date with a guy, he laughed at her for crying at a movie that he thought was dumb. She knew right then that not only was he unable to value her opinion, but he was also intolerant of her feelings. 

If you are asking yourself how on earth you should know these things; I tell you, women who are really focused on something have a great degree of discernment! So pay close attention and listen to your thoughts and beliefs! Every single detail matters, whether you choose to see it or overlook it!

Monday, 23 May 2016


It is hard to be you when you do not know who you are. It is hard to love another when you do not love yourself. Because you cannot give what you do not have. 

GOD is love, and HE made us all in HIS own image and likeness. That means you do not need to search elsewhere to find love. You are love; and you are richly endowed with it. As much as life would want to tell you otherwise, or might want to point to you obvious facts why you are not qualified to be called love or you may have made terrible miatakes and you feel like you deserve to be punished the rest of your life, tell yourself you are love, and you have it in surplus to give! Keep saying it and your transformation will be apparent to all. 

See my dear friend, your mistakes are your stepping stone to greatness- they were all in the plan for your life. Remember, it is like a baby that is born, all the pain and dirts, became the most beautiful gift life can give. So let your love shine!

Sunday, 22 May 2016


No matter the world's opinion about you or what you call "the real fact", only you can change your situation. You must realise who you are. You must tell yourself uncountable times every time, the very things you desire for yourself, no matter what you see in the mirror of life. You must start seeing the best in you and the best in every situation. 

There is always a reason why things happen. Nothing just happens! You must see the beauty inside of you first before anyone else can! You must see yourself as a victor first before you can conquer. You must win inside first before you can win on the outside. 

Always remember that the world will call you what you call yourself. The moment you accept yourself, you become beautiful. That moment is special! When you conquer the battles of the mind, you are really a victor! Because that's the real battle we fight! 

Friday, 20 May 2016



There was a woman who ran a business from her house, and was always at the computer whenever her husband came home. She'd be hunched over her keyboard, would barely grunt "hello" and never got up to greet him. Sometimes, she'd work for a good hour or two before they were even in the same room. This created a big gap between her and her husband. 

Then one day, she decided to actually get out of the chair. When  she heard him coming through the door, she got up, said hello, gave him a kiss, chatted with him a bit, served him dinner, then went back to work. She decided to do this regularly. 

Even though it took a mere few minutes and the smallest effort on her part, she said it changed her relationship. 

Just having that little bit of eye contact and interaction with your spouse could cause a huge breakthrough in your marriage. She reconnected back with her husband while her husband made efforts to do things for her too. He admitted that her getting up from the computer made him feel better. 
Instead of ignoring him, she acknowledged him. 

What destruction a little bit of stuff can cause,  and what massive breakthrough a little bit of stuff can bring! 

Pay close attention to details to things that concern your spouse! You really have a huge power to influence and change your relationship.

Thursday, 19 May 2016


Some people quit due to slow progress; not grasping the fact that "slow progress" is progress! Do not quit! It is better to move forward than to stand still!

Wednesday, 18 May 2016


Some people want to blend in instead of stand out, because if they blend in, people will not notice them to make fun of them or criticise them. 

But the truth is, there is someone out there who wants you precisely for who you are and what you have to offer. You must not have to be all smart or "a jack of all trade, or a tall dark and handsome guy or be a six feet model to become who you have been designed to be. All you have to be is genuine- and figure out the stuff you are made of! 

To be honest and from live's experience, the moment you start being someone else, you start inviting the wrong person(s) into your life. How terrible that is! It is better to be yourself and take it one step at a time in your own unique way than be someone else with the wrong set of people. It might be all fun at the beginning, but you will definitely get hit! And sometimes the victims get to have a second chance, while some never get to have a second chance to become who they really were created to be, or even tell their stories. 

It is so easy and "no stress" at all to be yourself! Trust me. 


Tuesday, 17 May 2016


There are times when we experience stormy weathers- live's ugly experiences that we never bargained for or could ever imagine. The storms of life tossed you to every corners of the sea and hit you so hard that you lost hope of ever making it. I too have been through storms and it is NEVER a good experience! 

Most times, you are stigmatised because of your situation and even laughed at, especially when all eyes are on you (in the negative sense) and the expectations of people concerning you are very high. They are always looking for means to bring you down. Anyone knows what I am talking about? 

Well here's the key thing about storms: after the storm brings calmness, after the rain brings clarity- clarity of purpose without confusion, growth! Storm helps you discover your true self, your assignment, the reason why you were created! That's when you start getting beautiful remarks from people like, wow you have really changed, I love being around you now, what happened to you? And so on. 

So my dear friend, instead of beating yourself so hard and asking why you, see the bigger picture here: Your set back is your permanent supernatural step up! As a child of GOD, nothing ever works against you. So if you are going through rough times, see the bigger picture! Do not quit!

Monday, 16 May 2016


Everybody, including you, has a certain constellation of traits and characteristics that, once identified and displayed, creates a power you cannot begin to imagine. 

You must know what defines you- what makes you stand out from the crowd. You must rise above the noise and become the figure against the wallpaper of the world. You have to stand out against the rules of the world's standard. Define who you are and what works for you. For example, you do not have to wear a very tight, long slit dress to get people's attention, if such dressing is not your thing. You need not run after the crowd to get attention. You must define your own thing and let the world follow suit! 

You all know those ladies who can come into a place and own it (I am definitely a show stopper...For real), they may not wear the most expensive dresses or the most expensive shoes and accessories and perfumes, they may not even fit the media's image of what is conventionally attractive, yet they always seem to be getting all the attention. Love them or hate them. But here is the key part:  It is confidence and self acceptance that makes them so radiant. 

The truth is, if you are not sold on your product, you will not be able to sell anyone else's either! You have to, you must get it right with you first. Discover your best attributes, your most desirable traits, the actual characteristics that make you distinct,  THE REAL YOU! You do not always have to appear dapper (looking good is super though, very! ) to be you! The real you is not what you wear or how you appear, but the real you is inside of you. The moment you discover you, deal with yourself inside first, the outside world will see your glory. 

Someone may ask, how do I discover the real me? Start by appreciating GOD for creating and making you a wonder, then desire  and hunger to discover the real you! You know the best thing that can happen to anyone? When you know that you are free from being in the shadow! The easiest way to know your purpose is when you discover who you really are! 

Sunday, 15 May 2016


Faith depends on your ability to feel and accept as TRUE what your objective senses deny or what your present harsh situations seem like. 

Your belief in whatsoever you choose to experience in your life, marks the beginning of your fulfilled desires. I choose to believe and see the best out of any situation,  and as GOD says, the end result is always glorious. 

So friends, go into this new week with a high level of expectation of your fulfilled heart desires! Confident expectation of a state is the most potent way of bringing it out. Confident expectation of a cure does that which no medical treatment can accomplish!

So remember, your belief of who you carry inside of you- THE GREATER ONE, determines the level of your faith!

Activate the GREATER ONE inside of you NOW, and you will be amazed at how much power you possess to change whatever unfriendly situation you are going through! And someone will say, "is It that easy?", YES it is that easy! Start exercising your authority as a master, not a slave!

Have an amazing week friends! 

Wednesday, 11 May 2016


Why do you say Yes, when you know you need to say No? 


If GOD gave you a vision, you should purse it. Never get so consumed with your struggles and lifes challenges that you cannot see success! 

You see, there is a process that comes with THE PROMISE! And you cannot reach your promise if you are not willing to go through the tests. Every promise comes with a TEST! 

However, It is only wise for you to realise that you can never become who you desire to be by being the same old person. So for you to reach your promise, there are some things that you should NEVER be part of it- those junks that you fed your soul with. That is why you must embrace your test, go through the process with the help of GOD and come out with flying colours! 

As long as GOD has given you a vision, HE will provide you the resources to execute them! GOD finishes what HE starts! Stay focused! 

Tuesday, 10 May 2016


It is no longer news that the economy has really deteriorated, and that people are losing hope as to whether the situation would really get better. 

A lot of folks have given up on life and nothing fascinates them anymore. They feel "this is the end" and there is nothing to look up to! Sounds familiar? 

Are you in such situation? Little or no power supply and other basic amenities to help propel your handiwork? No job, no money to pay your bills, No husband, no wife, and the list of burden goes on and on. 

However, I just want you to know, my dear friend, that you are not alone! You are not the only one going through hard times. So many folks are really at their lowest points of throwing in the towel- like literally wishing that their lives could end! But you see, in the midst of all these, all that matters is what you choose to see in spite of the terrible situation you are in.  

I remember when I was about to put to birth, the pain I experienced was so intense that at some point all that mattered to me was the shortest way to get my baby out! And the more I thought about the shortest way to end the pain, the more the pain  persisted and it seemed like the pain had come to stay. And when I could not take the pain  anymore, I heard a voice that said to me, "see yourself carrying your beautiful baby in your hands soonest". 

Consequently, I channeled all my focus to seeing myself carrying my child,  and not the pain anymore. The feeling was magical, I didn't remember the pain  anymore. The pain no longer mattered as I started to see my baby in my hands, subconsciously!  And it was at that moment that my baby came! I had told my husband and my friend and the matron that I was feeling something and that my baby was coming, the matron and the people around told me that I hadn't dilated enough for my baby to come out- meaning that it was not possible.  So they doubted me! I shouted at them that my baby was coming and that I could feel her head, yet they said it wasn't time. My husband rushed towards me and checked under me and behold my baby was almost out. They quickly laid me on  the bed and my beautiful baby came our with ease! The rest is a beautiful story. 

So what am I saying here, you need to start seeing yourself in that beautiful place you desire to be! You need to start seeing your beautiful marriage, beautiful children even though you are still single and not even in a not relationship. You need to start seeing your status changed. You need to start seeing the right things and not the terrible pain/situation you are going through right now. This will only help you vibrate the best positive energy for the supernatural to happen! 

What you choose to see is what you will get, eventually! When you start seeing the best scenario and not the worst, the former is inevitable; those pains will no longer be there in your subconscious,they would not matter anymore because of what you are seeing!  And before you know it, you will be singing a whole new song of joy! So choose to see only the best!

Wednesday, 4 May 2016


To love your life, you do not have to do anything farfetched to make it happen! You only just have to learn to have a good time at all times. Learn to enjoy yourself and all that life has to offer and not be too hard on yourself.

Do not let material pursuits interfere with your happiness; they are  meant to support and augment! 

Loving yourself entails appreciating yourself and giving yourself best treats at all times- and not to always down play yourself or always leave your "front row" seat for people all the time (except for an old person who did not have a place to seat) or think that someone else deserves it better than you. Listen, nobody deserves it better than you do! You are very important, and you deserve all that pertains to life and Godliness! 

We may each have a different idea of what that good time is (perhaps it is being true to self, unconditional loving, serving others, or just maxing out life’s fun factor), but whatever it is for you, that's worth putting forward!

So ease up on yourself, on whatever you are working on in order to get to your happy ending, and let yourself be happy now. The best way to really manifest your dream is to start living it- LOVE YOUR LIFE and appreciate every bit of it!

Sunday, 1 May 2016


When you face an opposition, do not fret! Declare your stand as the heir of the MONARCH of the Universe and stay focused! Oppositions are blessings in disguise; for those who are called as GOD'S children.