Tuesday, 17 May 2016


There are times when we experience stormy weathers- live's ugly experiences that we never bargained for or could ever imagine. The storms of life tossed you to every corners of the sea and hit you so hard that you lost hope of ever making it. I too have been through storms and it is NEVER a good experience! 

Most times, you are stigmatised because of your situation and even laughed at, especially when all eyes are on you (in the negative sense) and the expectations of people concerning you are very high. They are always looking for means to bring you down. Anyone knows what I am talking about? 

Well here's the key thing about storms: after the storm brings calmness, after the rain brings clarity- clarity of purpose without confusion, growth! Storm helps you discover your true self, your assignment, the reason why you were created! That's when you start getting beautiful remarks from people like, wow you have really changed, I love being around you now, what happened to you? And so on. 

So my dear friend, instead of beating yourself so hard and asking why you, see the bigger picture here: Your set back is your permanent supernatural step up! As a child of GOD, nothing ever works against you. So if you are going through rough times, see the bigger picture! Do not quit!

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Wil. said...

Neme, honestly speaking, rhetoric won't make any difference. What counts for me now is action.

Show me a piece of action by emailing directly to my personal email address, which is tirenaud@gmail.com. I'll be waiting for you!