Saturday, 4 June 2016


What you feel or think or say, you attract. Block your ears and turn away from any form of negativity. Be consistent in your beliefs and affirmations- affirmations work! 

Be passionate about gratitude- it is the surest way of succeeding! Who says you cannot always have it all? Only the feeble minded and those who do not have a clue about who they really are or the power they possess inside or those who follow the band wagon of doubters- the seeing is believing folks. This life favours only the "believing is seeing folks". 

You must have something you stand for! You must believe that you are special and unique and fabulous! You must speak and see yourself as deserving of all the best of life! You must remain consistent with your affirmations! Affirmations work only when you shut your ears and eyes from the noise of the world. 

I say, I can and will always have it all! What do you say? 

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