Tuesday, 19 July 2016


Are you unhappy because others are succeeding? Does your success seem dependent on someone else’s failure? Are you always wanting to keep up with the neighbours and wanting to have the things that your neighbours have? I see this as being envious of another.

Envy is a problem- it doesn't matter the size, you can never be satisfied with what you achieve, no matter how much you have achieved. It doesn't matter the size, we should never entertain envy because if not dealt with,  the "small envy" will mature into jealousy, greed, resentment, and a strong desire to have what another has at all cost! 

See friend, if you are envious of another, it means you do not even have a clue about what you want for your life. But you see, GOD has made us all unique in different ways, and that another is succeeding now does not mean you won't succeed tomorrow. You must have the winning mindset, that is the only sure way to succeed, no matter what your situation is at the moment. So instead of being envious of another and planning to backstab and sabotage an innocent person, why don't you channel your energy towards being positive and looking for ways to improve your life and be genuinely happy with those who are succeeding. 

The truth is, you will always attract whatever you are thinking, be it good or bad!

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