Friday, 8 July 2016


Someone once said that the fastest way to succeed is by confronting fear. And the simplest way to do away with fear is by understanding that you're in control of everything. How true! 

I have been privileged to relate with a lot of successful people (yes, I am one of and one thing they have in common is- they are fearless! 

Obviously, fearful people are never successful. Their fear keeps them from succeeding and becoming what they wish to become. Fear constantly stops people's progress. I have been there and I will boldly tell you that fear is terrible!

One of the ways I was able to overcome my fears (I still face new fears, but winning is my first name) was to admit my fears and  ask GOD for help!

Things began to get better..I started focusing on what I want and not what I was lacking. I started improving on my imagination, in that if I had a task that got me very afraid, I would imagine myself finishing that task and succeeding! It really worked(s) for me. My dreams became clearer and my desire to pursue them became intense!

The truth is, we are in charge of our brains and what goes on inside. I realised that every time I confronted any fear, it never came back. That tells you that fear is only a mirage. It only exists in your mind. And the moment you confront your fears, they bow to you- the GREATER ONE who lives inside of you!

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