Wednesday, 6 July 2016


From experience, I realised that hardship, I mean hardship of any kind, not just financial hardship, has a way of beating pride out of you! Unfortunately, it also destroys your self-confidence! Leaving you emotionally handicapped and vulnerable to your situation as well as the world's! 

Your situation could make you feel hopeless and unsafe, I have been there! All you need is the help of the HOLY SPIRIT. I know some people will ask why I am always spiritualising things- it is because there is absolutely no safer place to be in such terrible situation than in GOD! So do not believe anyone who tells you that there is a better way! Your assurance is only in GOD, and HE never disappoints! 

It is only in GOD that you will learn patience- though it is very bitter, but it's fruit is extremely sweet! Let your mind be renewed at all times, only then will your confidence be boosted, even to your amazement! 

Cheer up, help is on the way! 

Photo Credit! Stuart Miles

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