Saturday, 30 July 2016


Someone once said, that the important things are usually not the most fun or exciting things to do. How true. Like reading an inspiring book instead of watching that interesting episode of your favourite TV program, my mom'd always instruct us. 

There is a price to be paid for attaining greatness and at times that means doing things we do not necessarily enjoy or want to do (oh well, I enjoy and love writing). But you must do those things because you realize that your future depends on it. 

Think about this: if you only had to do the things that are fun and exciting at work would you get anything done? No. But you do it anyway, for the sake of that paycheck at the month-end. Why then, won’t you do the things that matter most for your own life?  Like reading the bible, reading inspiring books, spending time with you family, getting  good journals to write down your visions etc. 

What we need to do is concentrate on the things that are most important, because they are the things that will make the biggest difference to our lives.

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