Thursday, 4 August 2016


In the midst of all the hustle and bustle of life, it can sometimes be difficult to see or remain aware that our lives have tremendous meaning and purpose. Encounters, occurrences, and opportunities that hold endless possibilities and potentials, often go by unnoticed. Things that appear to be completely unimportant or of little to no consequence, turn out to have important repercussions in our lives. 

The truth is that our lives are made up of those seemingly "little events," and those individuals and situations that we dismiss as insignificant, turn out to be people and events that could change us or our lives in important and meaningful ways. 

Life, just as a puzzle, is made up of small, seemingly insignificant pieces. When we realize this, we can keep in mind that each minor occurrence in our lives can go a long way to help develop and reflect our character--displaying to us that which we have learned, and that which we still need to gain a better understanding of. Thus, it is through our experiences with others that we will find the puzzle pieces necessary to complete us--to become whole. That means we need to approach every situation with reverence and appreciation, regardless of how unimportant it may seem. In doing so, we make it so that we do not have to worry about regretting "neglected acquaintances and opportunities." 

Recognize the necessary impact others have in your life, and you in theirs. For life--and everything in, on, and of this world--is a gift for us if we allow it to be. Seeing anything as little or insignificant is living life small--it is choosing to remain judgmental and naive in the face of amazing beauty. 

To allow things to become an invaluable part of our becoming; to remain aware of all that life has to offer us--therein lies the denotation of living life to the fullest and simply living life.

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