Saturday, 20 August 2016


No matter how sweet love can be, how it brings brightness and color to our lives, how it makes us strong and inspired through everyday, there are those who do not accept love, or at least had given up in the search for it. It is not that they don't believe in love, but there are some factors that may have contributed to making them believe that they may never find true love…ever.

They say things like, I am not beautiful, no one will love me; I am not rich, no one will agree to go out with me; I don't have good clothes, I will not fit in and so on! How sad can the people who think this way be? If you are the one I am talking to, please change the way you think- if you still want to find true love.

You should bear in mind that true love is not just about appreciating the physical aspect of an individual, but also accepting his inner personality. So listen, if someone you love makes you feel inferior, quit it now because he will never treat you any better when you two marry. Such man is not worthy of your love in any way. Because if he loves you back, no matter how you look, how you act, or what you believe in, he will accept you for who you are. That is how true love works-– accepting and understanding. 

Nobody has the right to make you feel inferior in any way!

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