Monday, 8 August 2016


Why do we think that GOD punishes us because we did not pay our tithes? GOD loves us so much that while we were yet sinners, HE sent HIS only SON, JESUS CHRIST to die for our redemption! 

Here's the inspiration: whenever you pay your tithe, do it as an act of gratitude to your loving FATHER, not out of fear that if you do not pay your tithe HE will send the devourer to attack your life/family. The Bible says that GOD is our rock and there is no wickedness in HIM. So why do we think that a LOVING FATHER will attack HIS children with sickness or mishaps because they did not pay their tithe? We have been fed with how GOD is a consuming fire who is always looking for offenders to deal with mercilessly, but left out the part that tells us that HE loves us so much that HE gave, that HE redeems our lives from destruction and crowns us with loving kindness and tender mercies.

You give to those you love, right? That tells us that love goes hand in hand with giving. Isnt it right that you give just one tenth of your earnings to GOD to show your appreciation, not so that HE doesn't punish you? So why do we pay our tithes out of fear of GODS punishment? 

That's why a lot of people don't feel excited in their spirits and they do not see any result after tithing because they are not tithing out of their deepest appreciation, that our GOD deserves our thanks and gratitude for loving us with the everlasting love, instead they give (tithe) grudgingly so that GOD does not send the devourer to them! 

Listen friend, our GOD is merciful and kind, unfortunately we don't know this truth. We are always judgment conscious that we think that whenever we do not pay our tithes, GOD will rain down fire and brimstone on us. But the truth is, the moment we understand this mystery, GOD loves us so much and that it is only natural to give back to HIM (tithe) out of love and gratitude(we cannot out give GOD, HE owns the whole Universe), we will start receiving our rewards, overflow of joy in our hearts, GODS' blessings! 

Let us start living in the consciousness of GODS' love for us and start tithing with gratitude!

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