Saturday, 10 September 2016


So many of our failures and deficiencies in life were/are a result of our impatience, of our aversion toward taking our time and allowing things to come to fruition. But life works in its own time. And not only does impatience rarely lead to the desired result, it also breeds stress, anger, frustration, and a whole slew of negative emotions that are straight-up bad for our health. 

A lot of people get frustrated while learning  new things/skills- to read, to write, to ride a bike, to swim, to play the piano, to solve a puzzle, to fish, even to give their children a very good training etc, and want to call it quits because they feel they are not good enough after only a few attempts. Here is a wonderful reminder that you have your whole lifetime ahead of you to learn anything you want to learn; and that practice over time yields positive and measurable results. 

Patience is a virtue. And despite all the influences in our lives trying to convince us that things need to be done much quicker, we have a responsibility and a right to take life at our own pace and to truly live it and enjoy it. We need to slow down, and we need to teach our children how to slow down too, so that generations to come can discover the beauty and power of patience. 

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