Thursday, 29 September 2016


Most of us have never really taken the time to visit within ourselves long enough to discover our own truths, much less live by them. And if we were to do so, those truths may frighten or worry us, for there is a good chance that the truths we have adopted from our exposure to outward things- the ones most of us have come to depend on for security, assurance, confidence, and comfort- are really not valid at all. We might instead discover that the truths within us are much more compassionate, kind, caring, forgiving, understanding, loving, and purposeful. For instance, many of us who have been hurt by others in the past, have put up walls to prevent others from getting close to us and to keep us safe. And while we may believe we are safe, the truth is quite the opposite: our isolation actually increases our hurt, sadness, loneliness, misery, and suffering. 

There is an inmost center in us all. But sadly, it is all too often a forgotten place; a place that many of us simply do not choose to visit or explore, and some may never go there at all. And that is truly a shame, for it is there where love abides; and in love, truly unconditional love, we have more authentic truth available to us than in any other aspect of our lives, for in it there is no concern with outward things. 

The truth is, what we believe to be the truth, and what actually is the truth, are not necessarily connected!

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