Saturday, 17 September 2016


What does my spiritual garden look like? Have I planted the right seeds? Have I tended to it lately- watering and nourishing the season's growth and removing any weeds? The time and effort I pour forth into my spiritual life provides sustenance for my soul and spills over into all the other aspects of my life- physical, emotional, and intellectual.

We eat when we are hungry and drink when we are thirsty; yet when our souls hunger for joy and happiness, for purpose and meaning, for wonder and beauty, for kindness and compassion, for positive and uplifting experiences, we often neglect that core of who we are. And at what cost? What kind of long-term effect does such neglect have upon us, and what impact does such malnutrition of the soul have on those we love? Add beauty to your life by feeding your soul.

If you know what I am talking about, can you share with us how you feed your soul? We'd love to hear it. 

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