Monday, 10 October 2016


There was a group of children running in a local charity event who decided to pick on one of their smaller peers. Near the end of the race, the boys tripped up the smaller child and he fell sliding several feet on his arms and face. He was bleeding, embarrassed, and crying as the older children nearby taunted him- calling him names and yelling at him to stay down and cry like a baby. 

And while the group of children howled insults at the boy, and jeered and laughed at him loudly, he began to stand up and dust off his shirt and pants, and slowly jog towards the finish line. He continued to push himself onward, and as he crossed the line, was met by his father and mother who hugged him. A few moments later, a boy from the crowd came up to him and said, "Did you not hear those boys telling you to give up, calling you names?" And the boy's parents said in reply, "He is deaf... he thought they were encouraging him the entire time." Wow, the boy was actually deaf, but thought his detractors were cheering him. 

This is how to win- being deaf to the world's opinion about your abilities- what you can do! The moment you keep deaf ears to your situation, people's criticisms, the world's economic downturn and so on and focus on the promises of GOD concerning you, you MUST come out victorious!

So no matter what your five senses are seeing and making you to believe, turn deaf ears to them, see your situation as a stepping stone to your victory and begin to see the INFINITE! 

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