Saturday, 8 October 2016


Fear paralyses a mans desire to achieve his dreams- it scares the life out of it. You must get rid of fear. There had been times in my life when fear got hold of me and took a good, firm grip on my vitals, and I would lose all hope; all interest; all ambition; all desire. But, I thank GOD I have and will always throw off the grip of the monster and face/win any challenge. The truth is that things have a way of straightening out for me somehow whenever I don't worry myself or allow fear to have its way. Either the difficulty would melt away or I would be given means to overcome it. It is strange how this works. No matter how difficult a situation is, when we finally face it with courage and absolute trust in GOD, we always pull through somehow, and then we begin to wonder what we were scared about in the first place.

What is it that uses up all the energy in the average man or woman, anyway? Is it the real overcoming of difficulties, or the worrying about tomorrow? It's always "Tomorrow, tomorrow," and yet tomorrow never comes just as we feared it would. 

Friend, Tomorrow is all right; it carries in its grip good things! Only trust in GOD absolutely. And whenever these fears or negative thoughts want to take hold of you, speak directly to it by declaring your stand as heir to the kingdom. Remember that words have power and whatever you speak comes back to you. Your tomorrow is all right, friend. Go ahead and say it "my tomorrow is all right".

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