Friday, 23 December 2016


Regardless of whether Christmastime gets us thinking in terms of our spirituality or not, it most certainly is a season that touches my heart in a way that is rare in this world. 

Christmas offers to each of us the opportunity to become a better person- a chance to focus more on others and less on ourselves, to reflect deeply and live abundantly, to give generously and to receive gratefully, to share joy, love, and cheer, to grow in profound and life-changing ways, and to add our own personal contributions to the season love! 

Besides, Christmas presents us with the opportunity to commemorate the birth of our saviour JESUS CHRIST, and the salvation HE brought to us through HIS death and resurrection- which is truly the reason for the season- to immerse ourselves in the positive and uplifting atmosphere, filled with the love and hope and also a chance to unite with our loved ones and family, enjoy the carols and cheers- which basically is ALL THAT I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS! How about you?

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