Tuesday, 25 February 2020


Hello Everyone, I just released my first spiritual song titled MY EVERYTHING. I am so excited and grateful to GOD for making this possible! Ha, finally!!! To GOD be all glory! Please click on the link to enjoy thos beautiful song from yours truly, CHINEMEREM.

Monday, 24 February 2020


Monday, 10 February 2020


If you have been reading my posts lately, you will notice that I have mentioned "process" a couple of times. This is because, a lot of people do not understand that for something to happen, it must go through a process, hence the frustrations. Okay, this is just a lay man's explanation, but it goes deeper than that. But, we will get there.

So, manifestation of your heart desires is a process. Let me explain. For you to truly become the person you desire to be, you must change, and this change is usually a physical change. You will have to start doing things differently in order to get different and desired results. You cannot think the same way and move the same way and expect different results. It is not possible. 

You must usher in new energy. If you desire any kind of change, you must develop that image in your subconscious. Let it become real by focusing on it with great emotions and feelings of gratitude, joy and expectation. When you usher in new energy, it will cause a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events and outcomes. 

Wednesday, 29 January 2020


Apparently, there are different seasons and cycles; a season for sowing and a season for reaping.

In this life journey, I have discovered that you can't rush process. In fact, process, as difficult as it is, actually helps you to develop the skills that will manifest your future goals. Truth is, I was not always this good with writing, I got better with time, while going through my process. I'm still in the journey and I will keep getting better. So you see, you actually evolve as a person while going through the process. You start to do things that you never thought you could possibly do. 

It is in the process that you discover your purpose and once your purpose is embedded into your subconscious mind, you will always be compelled to take actions. Thoughts always precede action and for your purpose to manifest, you must take action. 

And let me say this, your mind is a garden, and always, weeds will sprout up from time to time. The weeds are the negative thoughts of failure, fear, doubt. We can't run away from negative thoughts because of the world we live in, the news, the negative people and so on, which robs off on our subconscious, but YOU HAVE THE POWER TO CONTROL WHAT YOU ALLOW RESIDENT IN YOUR MIND. The mind does not care what you plant on it; it will yield results. That is why the good book says, whatsoever is true, whatsoever is just, whatsoever is honourable, whatsoever is of good report, think on these things. 

So every morning, afternoon and night, tend your garden (your mind), remove the negative thoughts, do not let them stay, uproot them and fill your mind with only thoughts of love, peace, joy, prosperity, abundance, good health, gratitude, kindness, forgiveness and you will see that these thoughts (seeds), when they have fully germinated, will bear fruits in your life. Give yourself time, give your process time, give your positive thoughts time, the things you desire will surely manifest, because, things manifest in divine timing.

Tuesday, 28 January 2020


What do you do when things go wrong or do not go as planned? For example, a fight with your partner or your colleague(s) at work or some stranger out there? There are lots of examples, I only used these few for reference. Do you go on a blame game or do you take responsibility for your actions? It is so easy to blame people or the situation  we find ourselves because we do not want to be perceived as weak. I know this because I have been there.

Growing up, my parents never took responsibility for a lot of things they did and because they're our parents, they got away with them. They were constantly in control and never admitted to any wrong. My parents never said sorry to me (maybe they did to my siblings), and that hurt so much because most times, I needed to hear that from them and it never came. So that affected me so much which was why I never said sorry until I started learning to say sorry from my husband when we got married; it took a while though, but I got there and there's always room for improvement.

I never took responsibility, blaming was so easy for me even when I was the one at fault. You see, you may think that blaming others gives you power over them or the situation, but truth is, it weakens you and stands in your way of becoming a better person. As long as you keep blaming someone, you will never have the power to change that situation.

Taking responsibility gives you the power to actually do something about your situation and make those changes. This is the first step to recovery, healing and change. Stop blaming and take responsibility.

Monday, 27 January 2020



In 2012, I decided that I was going to buy myself a brand new car. This dream seemed impossible, because I didn't have the means to buy a car let alone a brand new car- which was/is a lot of money. But I kept the faith and continued speaking it into existence against all odds, until it became a reality. The thought of owning a car and the images of me driving my car gave me so much joy. It was like magic when my seemingly impossible dream came true. I couldn't believe it. I bought myself  a brand new car in less than 6 months after taking that decision and still had enough money to keep me going! This is the least of the great things I have attracted into my life, and the list will keep getting longer. It is true that you attract what you put out and you get them coming back to you. 

Oftentimes, people attract negative people into their lives; they attract scarcity, problems and drama because that is what they are putting out there. 

Listen friend, you will always attract and manifest things into your life (no matter what that is) based on who you are, what you say, how you feel, how you show up, your mindset, your attitude etc. It's as simple as that. 

So what words are you putting out there? How do you feel about yourself and the situation you're in? How do you carry yourself? What is the state of your mind? How is your attitude?

Thursday, 23 January 2020


  1. As a spirit being, learn to take charge of your situation. Taking charge I mean you should make up your mind to be at peace with yourself in that situation. From experience, situations can put you in a state of confusion and instability, which is what the enemy of your soul wants. But, if you can look inside you and find that strength to carry on, I promise you will win! The worst battle is the battle of the mind. Win from the place of rest!


Am I the only one that loves President Donald Trump? 



This is what is called real take over! And I take over with you B. Lol. I love them.

Friday, 17 January 2020


From the very moment a woman knows that she's pregnant, she becomes excited; the thought of her carrying her own child gladdens her heart. Infact, she starts to imagine who the baby will look like, what sex is the baby and a lot of good things about the baby. As the baby grows in the womb, she goes to the doctor for scanning, to see how the baby is doing, that makes her even more eager to want to have her baby. Some times, she gets to have conversations with the baby. Then, after a while, she starts buying clothes, shoes and other things that the baby will need when it arrives. All these show how eager and excited the woman is about the coming of her baby.

But do you know that no matter how excited and eager a woman is to have her baby, she won't want to deliver it before the due date?

Doesn't she want to see her baby? Of course she does!

Why can't she just go to the hospital after six months and ask the doctor to bring out the baby?

Because she knows that it will not be able to survive on its own outside the womb.

Dear friend, God loves You. He is so excited about You. He is eager to show You to the world. He wants to bless You. That house, car, contract, hit song that you desire, He wants to give you, but He knows that you cannot handle them, yet. So, He'll rather wait till you grow than give You what will kill you before your time just because you want it.

He wants You and your soul to prosper. Just spend time with Him and grow.



Wednesday, 8 January 2020


When you're going through challenges (of any sort), you become vulnerable and gradually, unknowingly to you, you might be relinquishing your position or undermining your integrity, because, you're at the mercy of everyone's "concern" or "help" or whatever it is they do that makes you feel good. So, what do you do if this message is for you?