Wednesday, 28 January 2015


A friend of mine boldly told me that her mother said, "To live long you must be selfish". I pondered over this statement for a while and i wondered why and how such line of thought could spring up from a motherly figure. I am not being judgemental but then  I thought about It and as much as I could relate to that but I would like to share my analysis and paradigm.

Possibly she might have had her shares of disappointments, heartbreaks, betrayals and an a consistent negative response to her genuine motives. However this piece is neither to agree nor disagree with her opinion because most often than not we are shaped by our experiences and choices.   

As much as I respect the underpinning rationale behind her assumptions and choice of dealing with her experiences, it is ideal to understand how much our rash ideologies and actions affect the people around us. Responding to the issues of life from the stand point of how it affects us alone can push us into formulating irrational concepts and maladaptive behaviours that pattern our lives even as we transfer such ideologies to our younger generation. That might not be the initial motive but it happens any ways.
Paul speaking to the church in Corinth admonished like minds with gusto and explained how the lawful nature of activities and interest doesn't connote its tendency to edify. Our approaches to life circumstances might sound like best fit or best practice in our eyes, but totally out of touch with values that build a purpose driven life. 

A lot of folks have become the victim of irrational approaches of dealing with hurts and ill treatment. Don't join the bang waggon to react negatively because you have been mistreated because friend, that action might impact negatively on the next person. I heard a friend say that if you want to revenge, dig two graves because you might fall into it.

Friends, let us see life beyond what affects us because selfishness is the smallest way to live life. Your life begins to gain positive influence when you look beyond yourself. Selfishness speaks the language of "me, myself, and I". Align your thoughts, actions and decisions to influence rather than deprive. Impact your world with the right values against all odds. 

Despite the law of flotation, fishes swim without drowning; The law of gravity not withstanding eagles soar; You are born to win irrespective of the challenges of life.

Conquer your world!!!

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