Friday, 9 January 2015


Life is  tons of discipline- Robert Frost.

Taking charge of your life requires discipline. Bottom line is that, it's quite a huge task to completely and consistently yield to discipline. This fundamental component that plays key role in your level of success demands the mental stamina to overcome empty passions and faulty habits. It also requires the fortitude to resist the push and pull of many temptations that otherwise lure us towards meaningless sideshows. But more than anything else, it demands a relentless focus on what priorities.
It's a fruitless venture to live carelessly and allow fate to determine the outcome of our lives. The three dimensional areas we have looked at within the past few days work together as we deploy them consistently. Taking responsibility,  being courageous and disciplining yourself to focus on activities that are meaningful will most likely pay off materially, structurally, and otherwise.

As we do the necessary, sometimes we will be faced with obstacles from opposing choices-choices that go against our essence and value. This vivid example is demonstrated by Joe Paterno in "The Man Who Said No to one million dollars. One of collegiate sport's most accomplished coaches, certainly much of Joe's success can be attributed to the discipline he requires from his athletes, both on and off the field. But those who know him best know that an even greater portion of his success is to be attributed to the discipline he demands on himself. 

Therefore the onus is on you to keep your face like that of a flint. Decide to limit the extraneous variables that tend to cause an impediment on your schedule. Every incoming call is urgent but not important. Write down the vision, make it clear and allocate resources of time, mental energy, spiritual development towards set objectives.

You deserve!!!

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