Monday, 26 January 2015


A lot of suggestions showed up regarding the definition of the word "Exist". Some perceive it to connote "having an objective reality or being" others think it means to live, especially under harsh conditions. I quite agree with the later definition because I have seen a lot of people who walk on the surface of this earth that are just existing. They have given up and have accepted the situation as their "fate or destiny" as the cases differ. They argue about politics, sit down for hours engaging in meaningless conversations, discuss their issues, not objectively to profer solution but to continue from where they stopped in the blame-game defence mechanism. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with discussing who the next president will be and the possibilities of giving you a better democracy, but friend, there is a life that is bigger than that. 

The glory which you seek unfortunately isn't transferable, but it's within your power to generate it from within. 

Life is beyond you merely existing and it's time for you to start living. You might say that you are alive and well and you have a good job and family is doing well and all of that so this message isn't for you. Think about these; is there something in which you derive fulfilment from you have stopped doing maybe due to your busy schedule? Are you happy with the kind of job you are doing? Are you just on the job or are you maximising your talents and special abilities? Are you watching things happen or are you contributing to making them happen? Is your spouse thanking GOD for the gift of a special "You" or has he or she joined the queue of those that have regrets in marriage? Do your children feel the impact of your parenting style...the love, the corrections, that kind of training the Bible spoke of? Are you still struggling with that habit? Have you been unable to let go of that ugly experience and move on.

The kind of life designed for us is to be lived from the full to the overflow, but we cannot enjoy that kind of life when we practically "exist".
Live! Live!! Live my friend! 
The life wouldn't work until you work it. Stop waiting for the glory to come, generate the glory from inside you and shine bright as the light you are. 



Laura Nwodo said...

What more can I add to this beautiful message! Thank you beautiful Neme for these inspirations. X


due to the fact that we are different, to exist, to me I'm living, but I don't want to just live, I want to obtain all the knowledge about the LORD, and I know I can't but what I can learn let me learn it, the spirit called me to write and sing gospel songs so I need to obtain all knowledge abut the holy spirit. thank you

Наим Бойбобоев said...

мы разные .... при этом едины
одна земной шар,
одно солнце,

Наим Бойбобоев said...

эй там ты нашла точку архимеда,
хотя люди со своими экспрементами дошли до трехмерной компьютерной технологии
они на самом деле в мышлении ещё в двухмерном мире
(иди туда не знаю куда принеси то не знаю что) и тот эфир
которую вы напоминает становится просто корзиной
а эфир ведь бога состояние ....