Saturday, 3 January 2015


I remember as a kid, my mom pasted some wise sayings in our room and she made me and my siblings memorise them everyday. One of those articles said "what you speak is what you positive". As children, we had little or no knowledge about what my mom was trying to do, nor did we understand the meaning of those wise sayings even when she tried explaining them to us. But one thing was significant,  my siblings and I were excited reading and craming those articles on the wall, which later on became a great help to us. We literally started being mindful of how we talked because of that particular saying..."what you speak is what you positive" even when we did not have a full understanding of what it/they meant. As a result, we realised that "you are what you speak". 

Have you noticed that; those who speak most of prosperity have it? those who speak freedom have it? those who speak health have it? those who speak poverty have it? those who speak sickness have it? This is the law of nature- called "law of attraction". The Bible says, "out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.  What you feed your mind with or the way you feel is your point of attraction. You are a magnet, and the truth is you will continue to attract more and more of what you speak into your life or any situation. What you feel affects what you speak.  The more reason you must surround yourself with positive people. Remember "Iron sharpens iron". If you feel poor, you will attract poverty and if you feel rich, you will attract wealth. If you feel unhappy,  you will attract more unhappiness. If you are a cheat, you will attract a cheat(s) ( remember the story of Jacob and Laban). It is just as simple as that. 

In this new year, it is what you speak that you will get. Choose to speak only words that will edify you, encourage you, motivate you, increase you and help you pursue your dreams. Do not give room to negative feelings which have big control over what comes out from our mouth. Hear what my best scripture says; Numbers 14:28 "As surely as I live, says the LORD,  the very thing I hear you say to my ears, that shall I do". So start speaking your way through! 

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Ifeoluwa Ajayi said...

Great article. Well said. keep it up..