Tuesday, 20 January 2015


In the race for quality, there is no finish line. David T. Kearns

Who doesn't like the feel of quality? Whether it comes from a well-made car, a fine woven piece of clothing, a well carved furniture, a stable building, a delectable meal,  an intricate technological device, a precise musical performance, a finely tuned work team, or a form of appearance, quality has an appealing feel. 

In all of the desire to either deliver quality or sustain it, it also has its price as demonstrated by some persons in their various fields of fulfilment. 

Johnny Carson who for thirty years tickles the delights of enormous television audiences. His smile and laughter were obviously contagious as nightly he relieved listeners of their days stresses. But while he made he made it appear so effortless, in "Here's Johnny," we learnt just how hard Johnny worked to maintain his high standards of quality. 

The quality of what we produce or the services we render as an employer, employee, entrepreneur or a small or large business, is simply a reflection of the resources you invest in production. If you have the culture of delivering excellent and quality services, people will naturally trust your products and become more comfortable with relying on the brand promise of your firm. This doesn't have anything to do with how big or small the firm is, it has everything to do with your style of delivery and the reassurance you being to the table. 

As much as I enjoy variety with regards to my hair do, I will always go to a particular place to braid my hair because of the feel, the treatment, the care and most of all the quality of service I will receive.

Therefore, as you set out to render service to your potential customers, raise your quality base, add something that will make your customer or client want to come back. And most of all, let it come from within you and timely because fake attitudes are easy to identify.

Dare to be!!! Photo credit : Woodsy

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