Wednesday, 21 January 2015


I marvel at people who say " I do not have a price tag. I do not expect anything in return. I just want to live my life". And I really wonder where they got this mean idea from. If you do not have a price tag, then anyone can afford you. You are not valued. You can always be used and dumped. You will never be appreciated. That ideology of not expecting anything in return simply means you are not sure of your own self and as such you do not regard yourself. We are living in a world whereby you are treated the way you present yourself. If you are not treated with love, respect, appreciation, then there is every possibility that you might have marked yourself down! It is never too late to get back on. You must love yourself first before you can be loved by anyone else. By so, you will know when you are not getting the right treatment, love, care, affection, appreciation. Life is too beautiful not to be appreciated and live happily knowing that you are worth loving. Do not buy any idea which says you should not expect love and care and good will in return when you give them. That is a lie that keeps bringing you down. It is very unnatural not to expect. Shake it off, and put a value on yourself and you will see that you will only attract people with great values who will love and respect you. When you value yourself, it will be hard for someone to devalue you.

You deserve!!!

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