Monday, 9 February 2015


Happy New Week my friends. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Did you rest well?  Were you able to sort out those personal stuff? How about that thought you wanted to share with your spouse,  friend, sibling? Did you achieve something over the weekend? Did you unwind?  You know life is too precious to let yourself burdened with issues.  You do not need to allow yourself to go through that emotional stress all because you refused to do the right thing.  The truth is, if the person you call your friend cannot see through you and understand your feelings,  then I am afraid to say you are not in the right place. 

Just want to lift your spirit as you walk through this week. This is very important: you cannot do it all by yourself. Ask GOD to help you and see you through. Do not lean on your own understanding or your own ability. It is way easier to rely on GOD for guidance than on your own skills.  

Something remarkable happened to me yesterday and I will like to share with you.   In the past weeks I have been working on my baking skills and it's been quite an experience.  But I have been having some challenges with the recipes and even when I followed the procedure, the cakes would not come out the way I wanted. So I said a little prayer and asked the HOLY SPIRIT to give me HIS own recipe and procedure,  to my surprise, my cake was excellent and the taste was out of this world. You can imagine, if GOD can as much as put interest in something as insignificant as a cake,  then it means that there is nothing too hard for HIM to do. All you need to do is JUST ASK. 

Soar higher!!! And may your week be fruitful. 

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