Tuesday, 17 February 2015


Dear Nemerulez Blog lovers,  hope you all are having a great day already. I am glad you take out time to visit my blog, I appreciate so much. As a publisher, I write with inspiration, not to entertain, but to impact lives and also to learn from your inspiring comments. 

Ok...just a little dose of positive vibe to keep you going. I would like you to know that people will always want to talk you down and discourage you.  But do not give them room to infect you with their negative comments and suggestions. Be strong and courageous, and know that as long as you are doing the right thing, you are good to go. Do not listen to side talks or name callings. You owe them no response or clarification as to how well you are doing even though it annoys them. Guard your loins so you can stand against their negativity, because there will always be people who do not just like your guts or cannot stand your intellect, skills, knowledge, success. But the good thing is when you know who you are and who is on your side, that is the ALMIGHTY GOD, your success is guaranteed, they cannot stop you and you will always remain on top no matter the opposition. So do not respond to those negative opinions and suggestions. Ignore them and move on. You are bigger than that.

Keep your head up!!! Forward ever!!!


Laura Nwodo said...
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Laura Nwodo said...

I love thIs.! It takes wisdom to know when to react. Whether it is a positive comment or a negative one! I will gather my thoughts more around this and share. Thank you my shunning star Neme