Monday, 23 February 2015


I was going through an archive where I saved pictures I took since undergraduate days. As I flipped through the pictures, memories of events kept flashing back with reference from each picture. I smiled at some of them while I also felt low in spirit for a few of them. 

The flashes of my thoughts served me with most of the issues I delt with in my life, transcending from teenage stage to an adult. In all of the smiles and cold feelings I expressed while I went through those pictures, there was a strong sense of fulfilment that stems from my response to the "yeses" and No's" life offered me. My resolve was to develop an antagonistic response that countered the unpleasant circumstances in my life. This antagonism is not the kind that is associated with violence or that which poses as a societal threat, but a will that is as strong as reason and knowledge. 

The life we live is driven by our choices. You can get back up again no matter how much of your self you've lost. My success story is filled with a lot of up's, downs, yeses, no's, and the fight to live the kind of life I pictured as a little girl. 

Say "No" to mundanity and mediocrity, embrace the beautiful life by dampening the effect of negative energies and vibes we have refused to dispose. Be impatient with failure and respond quickly to the call of your abilities. If I didn't take certain  decisions at those critical moments in my life, I would have been filled with self pity, and instead of illuminating your life on this blog, I probably would have lost my mind.

The call to be responsible for your life is being stirred up today. Recreate the needful, learn the key components and discard the extraneous variables.

Remember...your stage is set...Take the lead!!!


Laura Nwodo said...

Absolutely brilliant post! Really liberating dear Neme! Thank you for this. Xxx

Lilian Arihi said...

Thanks for the courageous words. God bless you