Sunday, 1 February 2015


I define "Joy" as an internal, firm conviction of possibilities. There is a big difference between being "excited" and being "joyful". Excitement is referred to as a feeling of great enthusiasm and eagerness. A thrilling sensation, exciting anticipation and all that is associated with elation. As much as being excited gives us some level of motivation and a good feel in the pursuit of our interests in life, I however was amazed to find out that is has some negative synonyms like "agitation, delirium,  fever". It has been in record that excitement has driven a lot of people into various illicit and maladaptive behaviours like car-racing which has high risk tendency, drinking excessively, violence etc. I know you might have heard stories of people who nailed significant jobs and due to excitement went to hang out with friends, got drunk and had a car crash. I also believe you have heard stories of people who on the day they passed out from NYSC, jumped into the swimming pool due to excitement to have "fun" and the big mishap happened. 
All of these examples shared do not negate the fact that excitement gives a good feel, but an uncontrolled good-feel has a catastrophic tendency. 

Having said all these, I am glad to introduce you to a higher dimension of good feel that does not have a negative undertone. Joy! Joy!! Joy!!! Joy is a fruit of the spirit that has a deep internal control even in the midst of excitement. Joy has a language of discipline and positive affirmation even in the midst of challenging moments. Joy is that assurance that your expectations will not be cut short. Joy is that calm disposition you display when you have nailed that job and even in the midst of that excitement, you know the right thing to do and you can differentiate between good will and perfect will.

In my experience, "Joy" has a consistent result that strengthens your value system. I will rather you subscribed to Joy and have your excesses checked.

I am happy you are making progress...

Experience more in February.


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