Tuesday, 21 April 2015


Most times,  people judge you by your looks, but they wouldn't know what you might have gone through to be where you are. 

Few years ago, as a fresh graduate, was still looking for a job, I remember trekking a very long distance from a friend's house back to my house because I didn't have money for transportation and the friend didn't bother to offer me a ride even though she had a car and knew I was not buoyant enough. Sounds crazy, but it was a very long journey though,  but I trekked it. 

Today,  things are beautifully different because I never stopped believing. I refused to take the short cut, though that seemed like the only option I had. I stayed strong in my faith and never gave up. 

There's someone out there who is about to throw in the towel.  But do not! Just hang in there. Do not give up.  It is not over yet as long as you are alive. Faith is all you need to see the light in the midst of that dark situation. See yourself as GOD sees you - honoured, precious and loved. Do not stop believing! Help is on the way!!!

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