Wednesday, 29 April 2015


Hello friends, hope you all are doing well. Keep the hope is on the way. 

I hope today's word will go a long way to help someone out there in taking the right decision. 

I have heard too many times from people, even some relationship experts say, that for a relationship to be sweet and exciting and not boring, it is best to marry someone of a different personality, opposite interests, beliefs, life style....For example, a woman that is not outgoing should marry a very outgoing man, people of the same personalities will not make an interesting relationship/marriage etc. 

I used to buy this logic,  as not the too outgoing type, I thought that being in relationships with the social and outgoing person would work,  but that is a lie. You cannot be in a relationship with someone that does not have the same faith with you or has a complete different style of living and expect a great relationship/marriage. Even if that relationship managed to last a little longer, you would undoubtedly find out that it was full of struggles and fights. 

There's an adage which says, show me your friend and I will tell you who you are. Do not expect to have a great relationship/marriage with someone who's ideas of living, approach to tackling life's situations are totally different and unacceptable from yours. It can never work. 

While some people believe in stepping on toes to get to the top, they feel that is the best approach, some believe in taking it one step at a time, with diligence and absolute trust in GOD.

The truth is, the strongest relationships require common interests and experiences to endure over time. There are a few exceptions though,  but most relationships require more commonalities than differences to succeed.

Pray that GOD brings people of like minds and interests into your life. Because if you make friends with a wild animal, when that animal is desperately hungry, you will become it's prey.  It will eat you without giving it a second thought. 

Let us be wise. We learn everyday and we will continue to welcome good knowledge.

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