Wednesday, 1 April 2015


The moment we share with certain people in our lives stands out significantly when we think about how it affects them. I know it's quite a generic statement to believe that everyone wants to be loved and cared for, whether or not it cuts across different personalities, it's a fundamental reality. 
As I watch my little daughter respond to the love and attention that comes from me, my unconscious reaction is to express more of the affection. As she utters her babyish words I believe she expects me to understand what she's trying to communicate given that we have experienced some level of koinonia. 

The joy and fulfilment we enjoy in life comes from what we make out of the relationships we have built. The growth and ultimate success of an organisation hinges on the clientele base they have built overtime by respecting, valuing, and rendering beyond the norm kind of services. That's the beauty and exchange that comes from life. We are the first-hand initiators of every good and perfect gift we want to be part of in the future. The intimacy you seek in your marriage and relationship is your first point of responsibility...if you want to experience love, you have to give love, if you want to experience peace you have to be an advocate of peace...whatever it is that we want to experience, we should be the first initiators of that goodwill. 

I strongly believe there is no other rationale behind the response and support I have received from my spouse, siblings and entire broad-based family apart from the genuine love and care we share on different levels. 
It's also mind blowing that my little daughter has picked up that attitude of responding to the stimulus of our affection...she hasn't started talking yet but she has communicated it covertly...I see her expression as she cares about me...the excitement on her face.

Life is what you make out of it, and the relationships we have can only blossom when we start giving the things we expect to receive. 

Photo credit : Tacluda


Anonymous said...

Nice effort...well said....keep it up.
God bless.

Laura Nwodo said...

This is powerful! absolutely true. thank you dear Neme for these inspirational words. action leads to reaction, in other words whatever we sow naturally comes back to us. how i wish the whole world can come here and read this right now!!