Saturday, 25 April 2015


Didn't GOD say, fear not for I am with you?  Didn't HE say, do not be afraid or discouraged? 

I have heard people say that it is normal to be afraid because we are human beings, but the truth is as much as people might want you to believe that it is normal to be afraid, one of the secrets of doing brave things is to not be afraid.  The moment you start being afraid of what people might say, you are being careful and playing it safe, that is when you fail. 

I was a victim of always minding what people would say and eventually, the result was not a good one. If you must accomplish your goals in life, you need to be brave. No matter how far fetched your desired goals seem, take that leap of faith and give it your best shot. All you need do is to aim your bow and release your faith to hit the target. 

Remember, Shedrach, Meshach and Abednego; even when their lives were threatened,  they refused to be afraid.  They were brave to face any situation and they overcame. 

The truth is, fear is nothing. Fear can only make you see things that are not;  and Faith will only make you see things that are not as well. So instead of choosing to see fear, why not choose to see faith! 

Faith will get you all the way to your desired dreams and fulfilment. Faith is the opposite of fear! Faith is not a myth,  but the real deal!

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