Friday, 18 September 2015


An old man in the woods came across a young lumberjack (a person whose work is to fell trees) working feverishly to cut down a tree, "What are you doing?" He asked "I am sawing down this tree", the young lumberjack replied. The old man said, "You look exhausted, how long have you been at it?" The young lumberjack replied, "Over five hours and I'm beat." Not yet ready to reveal that he himself had spent thirty years as a lumberjack, the old man said, "It looks as if your saw might be a bit dull." "It probably is," said the young lumberjack, "I've been sawing all day." Then why don't you take a break and sharpen your saw?"the old man suggested. "The job will go a lot faster if you do." But the young lumberjack replied, "I don't like sharpening and anyway, I don't have time right now, I'm too busy sawing!"

You see, it's one thing to work hard and another to work smart. Don't just saw; take time to also sharpen!

Happy weekend folks!!!

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