Thursday, 3 September 2015


During a short meeting with a colleague of mine, she said something remarkable and i thought i should share it with my fellow ladies...The ones who are hoping to get married someday and live happily ever after....This is no fairy tale, but the real deal...reality! Read below; 

"Some women may consider this question as not particularly important  "Do you share the same core values and common interests with the man you are dating"? but failure to put this consideration into proper perspective could easily lead them down the road to heartbreak and despair. Your core values will influence your opinions and direct the ways you handle and respond to lots of life's issues".

As much as this is very true and candid, some people out there may debate this strong point, which is very okay if they want to. But as for me, from experience so far, I totally agree with her. 

Please share your thoughts. Whether you agree or disagree, we will still welcome your comments... keep shining! 

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