Tuesday, 15 September 2015


...Some"friends" feel very comfortable when they always tell you "sorry ooo it is well", or when they call and most times visit when you are in a very low state; they even tend to be helpful, but immediately GOD finally lifts you up, you stop seeing them because you are no longer vulnerable! If you find yourself in such situation, I want you to know that your so called friend(s) was never your friend in the first place. They were only taking advantage of your situation. 

Delete such person from your list of friends and move on. It does not mean you should keep malice with the person or not render assistance if the person comes to you for help, but at least you know better and you are wiser! 

Every body must not be your friend and you do not need to force friendship on anyone who do not appreciate what GOD is doing in your life! 

True friends rejoice with you when you rejoice and stand by you when you are low! Shout out to my very few friends out there! 

Be wise to still know who your true friends are, because it is not everyone you see laughing with you is genuinely happy with you!

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