Wednesday, 2 September 2015


Stop doubting yourself or competing with others. Nobody can take what GOD has reserved for you. The choice is yours; either you let others determine your worth or you let GOD. And isn't it wise to let GOD, since you do not have to earn HIS love and you are in no danger of losing it! 

Listen my dear friend, before you were born, GOD saw you! HE knew the specific purpose you were designed to fulfil, so HE provided you with gifts you'd need and the environment required to put it all together. When GOD looks at you, HE sees someone who has the ability, HE sees a winner. 

Can you see that too about yourself? It is very important that you can, because others will only treat you according to how you treat yourself! If you do not like the way people respond to you, stop and ask yourself, "What is the message I'm sending?" 

If you want to be treated well, you've got to send a message that says, "I am somebody special because GOD made me somebody special".

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