Monday, 26 October 2015


Good listening progresses from accepting a person- unconditionally- to understanding what he or she is saying, and then supporting him or her in the search for solutions to the problem. From acceptance, to understanding, to hearing,  to solution. There are absolutely no shortcuts to this process. None. 

Listening is a window into a person's inner being. It is very frustrating to have anything to do with someone who does not give you a listening ear. 

Listening to the person does not really mean you are agreeing to what the person  is saying, but it will give the person some good sense of belonging, then you can suggest a more comfortable idea to deal with whatever issue at hand. If we do not listen, we will fail to understand what is going on. 

Without listening, people grow apart from those they love! Conflicts will go unresolved because we won't hear their correction or encouragement. 

Without listening, friendship will die, we will miss great wisdom, guidance and intellectual stimulation! A leader is a good listener. May we learn to listen; it pays a great deal! 
#still learning. #work in progress

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