Wednesday, 21 October 2015


My mom once said that Accountable people usually exhibit these qualities. Check and see if you've got them:

They are capable of knowing when they are wrong and admitting it, even before they are confronted. 

They are willing to hear, quick to learn and open to counsel. 

They are honest. They do not fake and are committed to the truth regardless of how much it hurts. 

They keep to their words; and if they happen not to be in time,  they will keep you informed or would have genuine reasons. 

Ok. One will say, these are high standards. Well, you are very right! It is a standard that pride, meanness, fake and whatever negative attributes will not tolerate! 

I believe there are lot more great qualities of accountable people. 

May GOD help us to be accountable at all times. We can do it! It's all in the mind. Let us make up our minds to be accountable to GOD, our spouses, children, parents, jobs, trusted friends and whatever that has been entrusted in our care.

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