Tuesday, 27 October 2015


I am told that when a lion gets too old to hunt, it roars. It works like this: while the younger lion hides in the bushes off to one side, the old lion roars from the other, and their terrified prey in the middle rums from the roar- right into the trap! 

Today, run to the roar! Confront your fears and you will discover that they have no powers over you! The wisest thing to do at any difficult situation is to rise and take the bull by the horn. It is very painful to be knocked down with a heavy weight blow, but while you are lying on the ground, start gathering momentum to get up! You have to get up! Say no to self pity!

Do not think that your situation will show you any mercy. No, it won't! It will rather make sure you did not make it out! So, get up and show your situation no mercy! Let your situation know that though you may have been bent over, you can never break! 

You are a winner!

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