Monday, 25 January 2016


GOD created every individual differently; different looks, different talents, different reasonings, different abilities, different life's experiences and so on. 
You will be doing yourself harm if you keep comparing yourself with others. You will not go far if all you do is to measure your success and how far you've come with others. Their experiences are different from yours, and their timing is also different from yours. 

Because everyone wants to be on the fast lane and become wealthy in a twinkle of an eye without any experience at all, people are not putting so many things into consideration. All they care about is how to do anything to make money. 

It is so sad that a man, today, took his own life because he felt his mates were doing very well and he was just there pacing. Is it not better to pace than to be stagnant? I am so displeased at this news. 
Please dear friend, it is better to pace than to not pace at all. Stop comparing yourself with others. Start with that little  you have. Little by little. Precept by precept. Be patient. Look away from the world and concentrate on GOD. Encourage yourself everyday and always tell yourself "you are doing great". 

Learn a lesson from the 1500 meters race, the person in front is not always the one who wins the race. Most times, the winner is not always noticed until he emerges! 

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