Friday, 1 January 2016


Happy New You Year!!!!!!!!!
(( Guys Thank you for your concerns I was no where NEAR the
isolated hotel fire that happened in Dubai last night! I'm
poppin on a mega yacht in the ocean turnt).... No one was
reported to be hurt Prayers that everyone stays safe Happy
New # YOU Year!!!! Here's my grateful prayer to the
WORLD!!..... Everyone knows I come from very humble
beginnings walked the rough ghetto streets of Watts, Homeless
and raised m a single parent home... Mother addicted to alcohol
for 27 years, father left us on our own.... For on drugs and
alcohol... I've been exposed to drug, murder, homies in and out
of jail, prostitution, racism, we never ever had money, never
had food and it was 4 of us..... But the GOOD LORD FAVOR
covered us.... The struggles developed character and a hunger
for life and success that's unmatched... To the Lord Jesus
Christ be all the glory..... Father God I thank you for
everything that you are and everything that you can continue
to be....... This year I ask that you heighten my awareness,
creativity, my decrement, intuition, instincts of people things
and sitcoms and their intentions towards me.... And I pray that
my clarity is heightened in connection to YOU........ I can do ALL
things through Christ I believe it and live my life according
to....... Not MY way but THY way will be done...... In the midst of
being blessed and even more significant blessings to come.... My
prayer is that no weapons formed against me or my
# VoltronEntertainment team shall prosper cover us, armor is
with your love, armor me with your bold and significant visions
and I will implement them, as I climb into these unfamiliar and
uncharted successful territories...... And father God my hearts
desire is to seek and find the love of my life my WIFE the
year...... Send her to me and I will do the rest... Thank you
father God I will continue to give YOU ALL THE GLORY.....
Amen... Remember I said it this is the YEAR for
#VoltronEntertainment shout to @baitalkandora for my
custom # VoltronKandoras # ChairmanSwag

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